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We will not respond to tags, emails or any other correspondence outside of these times.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response during the week and 72 hours over the weekend or holiday.

If it is a long holiday weekend or week, response times will be slower.

Upon receipt of an order (pre or retail) you have 7 DAYS to inspect the print and disclose any flaws and they will be dealt with in a polite and professional manner. If the decision is made to return the print, It must be returned to me in the same condition as I shipped it. This includes free of pet hair and dandruff as well as unwashed. Once I receive the "damaged" item, I will inspect it and issue the refund (full or partial) as decided between buyer and myself. If pet hair is found, it reduces the retail price and that will be discounted as well. Please, make it easy and disclose it to me.

*We do not offer refunds because you received the fabric and imagined something different. The strike offs, seamstress photos, etc are what the fabric will look like, minus very small color differences when printing (5-10% is acceptable range of color difference). Strike off photos and seamstress photos offer a good range to show what the fabric looks like in different lights. We obtain strike offs for each round beforehand, where you can see printed versions. 5-10% color differences are normal and can happen not only with each round but sometimes even each roll. This is not a flaw and will not be refunded. Anything that WE consider an out of range flaw, we will contact you and offer a refund on that specific item before shipping, or a discounted price. There will be a five dollar restock charge on all retail orders being restocked. Preorder sales are final and not subject to refund.

*Seamstress photos of the fabric may be slightly edited for vibrancy and lighting. Fabrics can also look very different in natural light vs direct sunlight vs artificial light. Make sure you refer to both the strike off flat photos as well as the seamstress photos to see if there are any differences in how the fabric looks. It is your responsibility to check this before purchasing and ask any questions if needed. We do not offer refunds based on your decision to only look at the design and not the strike offs before purchasing.

*All purchases are non refundable.

6. After the preorder has been closed, canceling an order will result in forfeiting any down payments as well as a strike from the group and limited ordering from then on. Preorders are down payments on a custom item. PreOrders and PreOrder deposits will NOT be refunded. Extenuating circumstances may vary, please contact Sara if you need to discuss payment arrangements.

7. WE DO NOT ACCEPT E-CHECKS FOR PRE-ORDERS. We will only ship to the address listed on your paypal, and your order cannot be transferred or sent to anyone other than the person listed on the PayPal Confirmed address. It is your responsibility to make sure your address is correct. Retail sales paid via ECHECK will not ship until the check clears.

8. Our fabric is a combination of original art work, clip art, and prints which we have a commercial license for. Commercial license does not mean we carry a license for "Inspired prints", If we run these sorts of prints, please realize we hold no responsibility towards them.

10. Layaway. If you purchase via Layaway, you will be required a deposit of 50% to secure your prints. Our new Layaway plan requires 50% down via the website with a code. You will then be sent an invoice for the balance and can pay towards it until the final payment is announced. Final payment is announced when tracking is received from the printer. Final notices will be sent once fabric has passed US customs. We will send a reminder to bump the invoice in our inbox. If payment is not received, your order will be cancelled and you will not be able to preorder for X time (determined by host). Failure to complete the layaway process, with no notification to the host will result in your order being cancelled and your refund forfeited.

11. Retail orders. Refunds will not be issued to those who have 1.) buyer's remorse and 2.) those who cancel recent previous transactions in order to purchase again to take advantage of a sale at a later date. A five dollar restock fee will be charged for any refunds deemed to be within the limits of our policies. Coupons that are used incorrectly will result in having your retail order refunded. Please check your orders upon receipt and report any issues within 7 days. Refunds will not be issued beyond 7 days.

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