Business Hours

Monday - Friday 9-5 EST 
 Saturday 10-2 EST 
Sunday Closed

We will not respond to tags, emails or any other correspondence outside of these times.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response during the week and 72 hours over the weekend or holiday.

If it is a long holiday weekend or week, response times will be slower.

Any questions you may have/order issues/etc will generally be handled after 8pm EST and resolved the following morning pending it is not a weekend. These concerns are to be messaged to the Rikï•pëd•ïa business page. If you message a host or admin directly, you will be asked to message the page for proper assistance. This allows us to track all inquires and maintain the flow with some control and ease. You will be greeted with an auto response message and we will follow us as soon as possible. If we have not gotten to them during the daytime – Monday thru Friday, please allow up to 48 hours for messages to be answered due to the volume we can experience. If messages have been received outside of business hours, please note that we will not respond until we are inside of business hours and we will go in order of message received. During these times please allow up to 72 hours before sending another message.


Do NOT message or tag the admins or Sara multiple times in one day to try and get an answer faster. We work together and often message one another so we know issues have been resolved. One admin will message you back to handle any issues or questions you are having. It is not necessary to speak to all admins or to directly speak to Sara in order to have an issue fixed. Our team works together to get things handled in a timely manner.

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