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RP Custom Knits.

A product of Riki•Pedia.

Riki•Pedia came about in 2014 after the birth of my 7th (and final) child, when I began my cloth diaper journey and was introduced to the secret world of custom knit fabrics.


So many pretty fabrics but not exactly what I was looking for, I teamed up with my late night chat buddy (you may know her, the owner of Smoogie Fabric & Design, Tiffany) and we decided we wanted more selection. More our own styles of fabrics. Many a late nights of research, trial and error, strike offs, tears, and b!*&# sessions, we launched our own fabric lines in January of 2015. RP was first known as RikiPrints, which I later changed, to disassociate my child's name with the line.


Over the years, we have streamlined and grown into a more "grown up" type of business and will make another change as we come into 2020 and rebrand again! Just a new look. Times change, people grow and so do their companies, or they are left behind.

With over 100 successful preorders under our belts, we would like nothing more than to continue putting fabric under your sewing machines! 2020 brings new designs, new thoughts, and better bases for you to sew with! We look forward to the new change and hope you do to!

Now, let's Sew Pretty Fabric.

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